The main activity of the PUC “Parking Service Sombor” is managing, employing and maintaining public areas for parking in the territory of the City of Sombor. PUC “Parking Service Sombor” manages, employs and maintains 1140 parking places and 37 parking places for people with disabilities, which are classified into four parking zones: extra zone, first zone, second zone and third zone.

PUC “Parking Service Sombor” removes vehicles parked illegally on public or other areas by the orders of the Municipal City officer or by the order of the Traffic Police officer in charge. The company also offers services of removing accident damaged vehicles by the specialized tow truck - spider.

During public manifestations and other events, PUC “Parking Service Sombor” Sombor takes an active part in traffic organization.

Other activities of the company: inland cargo transportation, storage, cargo manipulation and other traffic-related activities.

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Act on Public Parking Places

I Changes in the Act on Public Parking Places

II Changes in the Act on Public Parking Places

III Changes in the Act on Public Parking Places